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We will find and deliver any foodstuff you wish – no matter if it is from Europe, Asia, South America, or any other part of the world. Our business involves traditional foodstuffs for Bulgarian taste, as well as exotic ones, sometimes unknown to the market. Our product list includes fish and fish specialties, meat and meat products, cheese, pastry, olive oil and vinegars, fresh fruit and vegetables, etc. We have modern vehicles, our cold stores meet the highest standards, and our personnel are experienced, well trained and highly motivated. We are able to carry and store sensitive and fast moving consumer goods at optimal conditions. We do not define any products as “difficult” or “problem rising” ones. The goods we pack reach customers in perfect shape and with excellent quality. What is more – at exceptionally reasonable price.




Our subsidiary Kamarko Distributors serves more than 3,200 points of sale in Bulgaria and abroad – international multiple, shops, exchanges, restaurants, etc. Its young and energetic team processes hundreds of orders daily, including weekends, in order to meet customers’ expectations in terms of quality, responsiveness and reasonable price. Among our clients are METRO Cash & Carry, Kaufland, BILLA, Carrefour, Piccadilly, Fantastico, Kalea, CBA, 345 and more.

website: www.kamarko.com



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